Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels

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Buy the best quality cheap sandwich wall panel brands from distributors, importers, suppliers of the cheapest sandwich walls, the most complete range of sizes and the best materials in Indonesia. This sandwich panel for walls or roofs is used for building construction in the modern era which functions as a wall and roof partition or soundproof ceiling. Sandwich panel consists of 2 layers of zinc coating / zincalume put together with adhesive on both sides so that this panel is also commonly called an insulated sandwich panel. For a variety of needs for building construction either roof or wall that is soundproof with various sandwich sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest. Immediately submit your purchase request now to get the best prices such as wholesale prices per pcs, per meter and in accordance with the seller's requirements and according to your needs.

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The Price of the Best and Cheapest Sandwich Panel Brands in Indonesia

Following are the various types of sandwich panel price estimation options for various sizes that you can adjust to the construction that you will use to make the roof or wall layers. Get price information directly from suppliers and distributors in right now.

Sandwich Size Estimated Price
PSC 100mm x 600mm x 2400mm Sandwich Panel Rp. 390,000
Citicon PSC 100mm x 600mm x 2400mm Sandwich Panel Rp. 410,000
75mm x 600mm x 2400mm PSC Sandwich Panel Rp. 330,000
Citicon Sandwich Panel 7.5 cm x 60cm x 300cm Rp. 370,000
Citicon PSC Sandwich Floor Panel 5cm x60cm x 240cm Rp. 300,000
Citicon PSC Sandwich Floor Panel 10cm x 60cm x 300cm Rp. 420,000

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Search and buy various types of sandwiches with the most complete size that you can use for various needs. This material has been applied to the interior and exterior of the room until now. Sandwich panel is known as a fairly strong building material with a flat surface. In addition, this material is also easy to install and does not need special maintenance. The outer layer of the panel comes from aluminum sheet or also called thermoplastic polyethylene. While the inside is the main material layer or core. Immediately submit your purchase request directly from suppliers and distributors in right now.

Sandwich Panel Type and Size

There are many types of sandwich walls based on size which are commonly used for making walls or roofs to make soundproof rooms. Here are a few types based on their size:
  1. EPS panel, made of Expanded Polystrene which has strong but lightweight properties and is resistant to heat, the size of this type of sandwich panel has a thickness of 40-200 mm.
  2. PUR panel, made from polyurethane based insulation which is energy efficient and prevents condensation, has a thickness ranging from 50-150 mm.
  3. Glaswool panel, is fire resistant and does not cause radiation when exposed to fire, its thickness is in the range of 50-125 mm.

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New Product Sandwich Panels

Dinding Panel Tahan Api Untuk Kapal
Supplier : PT Laksana Tekhnik Makmur
Price : Call
Bogor , Bogor
Sandwich Panel Eps 7.5Cm
Supplier : Berkat Maju Bersama
Price : Rp 325.000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Sandwich Panel Untuk Ruang Proses
Supplier : PT. Sarana Makmur Mandiri
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Polyurethane (Pu) Sandwich Panel
Supplier : PT. Usaha Muda Putra Jaya
Price : Rp 500.000
Jawa Tengah , Semarang
Dinding Sandwich Panel Eps
Supplier : PT. Arkafiz Multi Dimensi
Price : Rp 290.000
Bekasi , Bekasi
Sandwich Panel Ruang Ok
Supplier : CV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya