Hotel Slippers

Hotel Slippers

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Buy hotel slippers / hotel slippers at cheap prices, complete sizes of the best materials from distributors, suppliers of sandals for the cheapest, closest and most complete hotel guests in Indonesia. Get various sizes of sandals with the highest quality materials. As the name implies, hotel slippers are footwear that are used while in the hotel and are one of the hotel facilities and a variety of other lodging whose use looks practical, simple and seems relaxed. Most hotel or hotel guests prefer to use these sponges for casual activities around the hotel. Sponge slippers are a disposable facility for hotel guests, so although they are simple they are exclusive. Get a variety of sizes, brands and other specifications with the best lowest wholesale prices directly from all suppliers and distributors in Indonesia in now.

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Hotel Slipper / Sandal Prices

Looking for information on the best and cheapest prices for various types of sandals for your hotel visitors? Come find various types of hotel slipper with the cheapest wholesale prices directly from all suppliers or companies in Indotrading from all companies in Indotrading. In addition, you can immediately look for various price estimates that you can later compare with some price quotes that you get.

Products Estimated Price
Plain 4 mm White Sandals Rp. 2,000
White Slippers per 5 pairs Rp. 9,500
3 mm Sandal Logo Printing Rp. 2,300
Plain / color fur slippers Rp. 14750
Sandals plain color list per 25 pairs Rp. 99,500

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