Selling the best low-cost brand switches from suppliers in Indonesia. Buy a wholesale switch for electrical devices that function disconnecting and connecting electricity to electrical circuit systems such as lights and other electrical equipment. The way it works is as a connector (ON) and the breaker (OFF), if the position of the switch shows the ON position can be ascertained the flow of electricity is connected so that for example the lamp will light. And vice versa if the OFF position then the electricity will be cut off and the lights will go out.

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4 Types of Switches Based on How It Works

Each electrical switch must have a variety of sizes, specifications with brands. But what's interesting, this electrical circuit breaker is also still divided into several types again based on how it works or their use, the following explanation:

1. Push Switch (Push Switch)
Is the type that most we encounter in various places such as homes, offices and various other places. To disconnect and connect the electric current the way it works is to press or push and usually used to turn on or turn on the lights.

2. Play Selector Switches
An electric breaker whose system works by turning using a selector lever. This lever serves to connect to different parts of the current. This electrical breaker is often used for this type of dim light for example.

3. Pull Switch
Is a means of connecting and disconnecting electricity by the way it works, that is drawn and is often used in lighting fixtures, fans and various household and industrial electronic equipment.

4. Sensor Switches
Is a type of breaker and connecting electrical current that works using sensors. When the sensor detects movement, light or sound. This type is often applied to automatic door systems or automatic gates or can also be applied to public street lighting systems.

5. Toggle Switch
Is an electronic equipment used by breakers or also connects electricity by working to shift the lever to the right or left. This type is often used in addition to household or office electronic equipment, it is also widely used for automotive electronic devices.

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