Safety Sign

Safety Sign

Buy Safety Sign at the best prices for the best brands from manufacturers, suppliers and direct distributors with the cheapest prices of retail and wholesale complete such as prohibition signs, orders and other alarms used for various fields that want the installation of safety signs to help familiarize workers and all people know information and orders and prohibitions that must be understood and carried out while working in offices, factories / industries and various other jobs. Buy various types of safety signs that you can install in any work environment, both factories and industries that require workers to work with safety equipment to reduce and avoid accidents while working. Get a variety of security signs in the factory for you big companies that need a lot of safety signs or you shop and sell safety equipment sales in Indonesia.

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Price of the Latest Cheap Safety Sign in

Before shopping or submitting a request to buy work signs, you must have a reference on the retail and wholesale prices of this safety tool. For price list information from this latest estimate you can compare easily and quickly. Prices on this list can change at any time depending on adjusting the new competitive prices that the seller wants, because usually prices will adjust the brand, specifications and benefits of each. So make sure first which products you buy.

Safety Sign Model Price
Evacuation Path Rp. 10,500
Safety Floor Sign Rp. 139,000
Staff Only Rp. 17,900
Gathering Point Rp. 126,000
Emergency Exit Rp. 26,000
No Smoking Rp. 39,900

Type and Meaning of the Symbol Safety Sign / Work Safety Sign

There are many types of forms and models of safety signs and symbols on various safety sign models. Each shape and color has different meanings as explained below:

Color Meaning of Color and Logo
Blue Appeal described by logo / image to use safety equipment or personal protective equipment according to the image displayed.
Green Color Specific information described in the logo or image, for example, turn left, turn right, fill fuel, seat, telephone facilities and more.
Yellow Warnings depicted in logos / images of fire, explosion, hazardous chemicals, sparks and more.
Red Prohibition described in certain logos, for example smoking is prohibited, lighting fires, prohibited from eating and drinking and others.

Buy Safety Sign Wholesale Prices from Suppliers and Distributors in Indonesia

Get various choices and functions of work safety signs from seller sellers such as the most complete suppliers, importers and distributors in Indonesia. All prices of items you buy have different specifications based on size, material, brand and how much you buy. If a small amount of purchases is usually more expensive, then if you buy a large number of safety signs, you will also get a cheaper price. Because the wholesale sales system is indeed the general requirement, namely buying products in large quantities. Because the supplier is a supplier to other companies that distribute goods producers / from the factory directly.

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New Product Safety Sign

Safety Sign
Supplier : CV. Pelangi Rizki Utama
Price : Rp 165,000
Banten , Kota Tangerang Selatan
Safety Sign Sticker ( Imo )
Supplier : CV Multisarana Sukses
Price : Rp 25,000
Kepulauan Riau , Batam
Sign Exit
Supplier : PT. Mega Cipta Niaga
Price : Rp 45,000
Bekasi , Bekasi
Rambu Toilet Umum 10X30
Supplier : Toko Joy Safety Electric
Price : Rp 100,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Kapsul Gempa Dan Tsunami (Transparan)
Supplier : PT. Bunker System Indonesia
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Sign Titik Kumpul
Supplier : PT. Mega Cipta Niaga
Price : Rp 240,000
Bekasi , Bekasi