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Running Text

Running Text

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Tips for Choosing Quality Running Text

To get quality and efficient running text, you need to pay attention to the following tips in choosing running text before buying it.

1. Color

Running text has a variety of color choices that are many and interesting. In choosing a color for running text, you must pay attention to the level of color description. The lighter the color, the more expensive it is. Red and yellow are standard colors that are relatively cheap, white and bright blue are expensive colors.

2. Pixel Pict

The next thing you should pay attention to is the pixel pitch of the running text or the distance between two pixels. The more pixel pitch, the more LED display lights will be. That way, the more expensive the price of running text will be.

3. LED Display Size

You also need to pay attention to the size of the LED display on the running text. Because this size affects the overall appearance of the running text. The larger the size of the LED display, the more expensive the price.

For the needs of running text led, you can use the running text display.

4. LED Chipset

The LED chipset greatly affects the running text system. A quality running text has at least about 2-3 chipset LEDs. The more LED chipsets used, the better it will determine the quality.

Those are tips in choosing running text, make sure to choose running text according to your needs. There are various types of running text that you can use, such as Outdoor Running Text, to Running Text Led.

For other types of digital displays that you can use, such as if you want something simpler, you can use a video wall, LCD display, or LED display.