Road Barrier

Road Barrier

Road Barrier is a highway barrier made of cast concrete and plastic. The function of this road barrier is to limit the left and right lanes or the opposite lane. Because there are two types of road dividers made of concrete and plastic which are filled with water, each has advantages. If it is made of plastic, it is lighter, if it is moved but has a disadvantage, that is easily broken. While those made with concrete, are usually more durable, but the weakness is heavy if moved.

Price of Plastic and Concrete Road Barriers by Size                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Size Estimated Price
L 50 X P 100 X T 80 Rp. 800,000
L 50 X P 100 X T 80 Rp. 950,000
600 x 600 x 1000 Two Sides Rp. 700,000
800 x 600 x 1000 Rp.820,000
800 one face Rp. 192,000
1000 x 600 x 1000 Rp. 920,000
1000 one face Rp. 806,000
1200 x 800 x 1000 Rp. 1,250,000
1200 one face Rp. 950,000

Road Barrier Function

What is the function of plastic or concrete road barriers? Maybe not many people understand and understand the functions and benefits of one of these road safety equipment. As the name suggests, the road divider made of plastic material and rubber mixture or made of cast concrete / precast concrete has a function that very important, that is, it is used to make the boundaries of highways, either public highways or toll-free highways. Limiting between right and left lane or generally also used to make traffic engineering roads that are often used by police officers and Dishub officials. In addition, this road divider is also often used by road project officers to draw a road boundary with the location of the project being worked on.


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