RFID System

RFID System

To communicate security, various wireless-based applications were launched, One was released through Radio Frequency Identification technology, known as RFID. With this technology, you can use an RFID card or RFID tag as an access code. Well, RFID Access Control itself, is widely used in various industries, such as libraries, supply chain management, secret rooms, toll gate systems, etc. with the aim of supporting access control systems. In addition to fingerprint access control, RFID technology-based access control is much loved because it is more practical. Get the best products from various trusted security suppliers in Indonesia right now!

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Benefits of Using RFID Access Control

1. Lower Costs & Higher Productivity

RFID applications can automate information about the movement and placement of objects, components, supplies or other items more quickly so as to save costs and are more practical compared to barcode systems.

2. Improving the Quality of Power Taking

Using RFID technology enables data to be recap quickly and accurately so that transcription data is protected from errors.

3. Reduction of Capital Costs

RFID technology helps reduce the cost of controlling assets better. RFID can help track assets such as test equipment, transport packaging, computing technology and other portable devices.

4. Better Security System

Access control systems using RFID contribute to increasing business security. You can fight inventory "depreciation" and tagging can be used to counter product counterfeiting.

5. Increase Revenue

RFID can provide services that create and increase customer satisfaction with higher sales and better margins.

6. Shorter Process

Because RFID technology can be integrated with other manufacturing or supply chain technology (automatic pallet handling, stock picking systems, etc.).

7. More Accurate Information

Management info is more accurate and relevant because RFID allows data to be recruited in real time

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