Buy zippers for pants, jackets, bags and more which are sold per meter, roll or roll from distributors, suppliers, factories and the largest and most comprehensive stores in Indonesia. For various needs of the convection industry, of course you can easily search for various types and models of the latest zippers for a variety of factory needs and clothing and other convection. To get a variety of the best price quotes at the cheapest wholesale prices, you can easily submit a request to buy directly through the procurement of goods in Indotrading from all companies from all over Indonesia.

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If you need the latest and highest quality zipper models at the lowest wholesale prices for the needs of your company or clothing factory. Immediately get all these clothing accessories and other apparel equipment directly through the first seller in Indotrading at the best price for all your needs right now. Before you submit a purchase request, you can also immediately see a few zippers reference prices as below:

Brand / Type Estimated Price
YKK Waterproof Per Pcs Rp. 21,000
YKK 5CNT Per 17cm Rp. 11,000
Vislon 10 Black Per Meter Rp. 50,000

Type of Zippers Based on Material

Are you looking for various types and models of zippers? Come on, before you buy the item, you should first identify the zipper from the material used for its manufacture, by recognizing the various materials you will definitely easily determine which one suits your needs, here are some types of ingredients:

1. Plastic zippers which is made of plastic and mixed materials whose production value and price are cheaper compared to other materials. But it has a weakness that is more easily damaged and easily broken rails. Usually only installed or used for accessories such as wallet , pouch and others.

2. Iron or metal zippers are models made of metal and alloys which have a better advantage than plastic materials. Because it is stronger, durable so it is suitable for use in various types of clothing such as jeans, jackets , bags and luggage.

3. Waterproof zippers are made of special choice materials that are resistant to water so that they are often used for types of clothing or outdoor bags such as raincoat , backpacks for camping and various equipment used outdoors.

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