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Relief valve

Relief valve

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Kinds of Relief Valve from How to Place it

1. Relief Valve Internal System Bypass

In this type of relief valve a bypass between the outlet line and the inlet line, returns the outlet pressure back to a different inlet chamber / bulkhead on a pump.

When the liquid discharge fills the cup and the pressure at the outlet increases, it becomes the pressure for the seal. So that the liquid can move through the path towards the pump inlet. This is a kind of suppressing the strength of the spring which is adjusted by turning the spring screw as a regulator of the required relief pressure.

2. Relief Valve External System Bypass

In this type of relief valve, an external bypass is created by installing a relief valve in the system. Because Relief valves are available from several sources and usually operate on the same principle as previously described, a poppet held in place by a spring is activated when the fluid pressure overcomes the force exerted by the spring.

External bypasses are usually designed with relief valves located close to the pump outlet and upstream of other valves in the system. The diverted fluid must be redirected back to the supply reservoir to avoid possible fluid temperature problems as described previously. Figure 2 shows a possible bypass configuration.

Valve or bypass relief is designed by installing a valve in the system, in principle the same as Valve installed in the system (internal system bypass), but the valve is installed outside the pump along the pipe installation and is usually located near the pump outlet or upstream of another valve. in system.

Those are the kinds of relief valves, make sure to use the one that suits your needs. In addition to the relief valve, you can use other types of valves, such as ball valves, check valves, gate valves, plug valves, needle valves, and various other valves.

New Product Relief valve

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Pressure Relief Valve (Prv) - 6 Inch
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Safety Relief Valve Hisec Kuningan 10Kg2/Cm
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Pressure Safety Valve Type Flange
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Fisher 289H Relief Valve Or Back Pressure Regulator
Supplier : PT. Agung Perkasa Sejahtera
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Bekasi , Bekasi
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Safety V Relief Valve Hisec Size 2 Inch
Supplier : Dassindo Abadi
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Depok , Depok
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