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Relay Sensor

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Relay Function Sensor and Switches

Relay Sensors and Switches, relays are electronic switches which contacts on the switch digerkkan by a magnetic field, the magnetic field on the relay controlled by another component or another circuit. The function of the relay itself as an electronic switch to a bigger flow of electric current as needed by using a control system with a small electric current. In the vehicle there are various relay according to function, eg radiator fan relay, relay horn etc. Switch on the car one of which serves to connect and disconnect power from the battery to the brake lights. when the brake pedal is stepped, stalk switch will be pushed out by the spring and ordered electrical current to turn on the brake lights. If the brake pedal is released, then the power is restored and the lights will be dead broke. Discover Relay Sensors and Switches reliable and best quality because Indotrading just the right place for those who are looking Relay Sensors and Switches with the most complete and reliable supplies. Distributors and suppliers who have been joined in a reliable and quality distributor. Get the best deals and the fastest immediately just in

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