Door Rail

Door Rail

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Buy cheap sliding / sliding or hanging door rails from distributors, suppliers and importers as well as various door accessories companies in Indonesia which are sold wholesale in large quantities. To get various types of rails for doors or windows of the highest quality from various sellers in Indotrading, you can easily submit procurement requests through the tender of various accessories or door equipment. Get various types and models of rails for door wheels that best fit the right model and size. Immediately get the best brands and diverse specifications from trusted companies that are in Indotrading now.

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Cheap Door Rail Prices from Suppliers, Distributors and Factories in Indonesia

Find various types of rails for sliding or sliding door wheels with various models from the best brands. To get the various types of rails you want from the various specifications you want, please directly submit a purchase request directly to all door rail sellers in Indotrading from various companies such as suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. See also the best and most comprehensive price references here.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
D3on D3 180cm Length Rp. 285,000
J3 Soligen Length 95cm Rp. 185,000
Henderson Marathon J3 90cm Length Rp. 486,000
Dekson SR 8901 D3 180cm Rp. 250,000

Types of Door Rails Based on Their Use

There are two types of door rails by model or method of installation, namely rails that are installed above the door leaf and mounted under the door leaf. The advantage of using a hanging rail is that installation is easier if compared to rails installed under the door, because when installing and repairing the rails do not overload the door leaf load. Find various models or types directly from trusted companies from all over Indonesia now.

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