Plastic Chains

Plastic Chains

Buy cheap plastic chains at wholesale prices from distributors, suppliers, importers in Indonesia. Understanding plastic chains is a type of chain made of material and synthetic, which in its processing through the process of polimeration. The process is the stage of adding some mixture which makes it easy to be colored and resistant to corrosion. Chains with plastic material are generally used as road dividers, delineators and the like. To find and get various types of plastic chains of various sizes, colors and the best brands from domestic and foreign chain producers for various needs, you can directly submit requests for goods and purchases from tens to hundreds of companies from all over Indonesia in Indotrading. com now too.

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Plastic Chains
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Excellence of Plastic Chains


The sizes of plastic chains on the market are mostly the same, but there are several that differ depending on their use. Speaking of its advantages, this type of chain is not coated with other materials like other types of chains. This condition makes the purchase price of this type of chain quite affordable and suitable for you who have a limited budget.


Unlike the types of iron chains and the like whose colors are not diverse, the plastic chain has a variety of colors. This is due to the plastic polymer material making it easy to add coloring agents and produce beautiful colors.


Besides being able to be easily mixed with coloring agents, this type of chain has better durability than some other types. This plastic chain will not decrease due to the influence of weather or water for a long time. On the other hand, this type of chain is also resistant to corrosion because it has plastic polymer components.


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Now for you or the company that wants to get various types of plastic chains of the highest quality from all sellers or companies in Indonesia. You can search and get happy with the best quality chain deals on Indogtrading. In addition you can also get a variety of the latest price information from trusted sellers in Indonesia.

Plastic Chain Size Estimated Price
6 mm Rp. 10,000 / 1 meter
8 mm Rp. 35,000 / roll
6 mm Rp. 295,500 / 25 meters
9 mm Rp. 15,000 / 1 meter
6 mm Rp. 300,000 / 50 meters

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