Street Sign

Street Sign

Buy road markings at cheap prices, complete types and models, with the best quality from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Get various types of signs for all your company needs, for example, it is used to fulfill the procurement of goods for road signs construction projects installed on the road. In accordance with the function of a road marking sign is a sign that is on the road or on the road surface which includes equipment or signs that stand on the road that contain a certain meaning, serves to direct the flow of traffic and limit the area of ​​interest of traffic or in other words the type of sign road signs used to provide information, instructions and prohibitions for all. Because all road safety is supported by various factors, one of which is the order and discipline of motorists in obeying and obeying traffic rules. How to be obedient and orderly? Yes, of course, you must first understand and understand the rules. One of the things that must be known by motorists is road signs. Buy now all kinds of signs cheap markers at the best wholesale prices in Indonesia only in

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Are you confused to find procurement for road markings? Now you don't need to linger and find it difficult to find suppliers or distributors that you can make suppliers or suppliers of goods for your company or your project. Because only in you will easily and quickly find all manufacturers, suppliers or sellers of complete and cheapest markers of course of the highest quality. Before buying, you can also see a list of the following price ranges for road signs:

Product Name Estimated Price
Gathering Point Marks Rp. 200,000
Poles and Signs No Parking Rp. 900,000
Miniature Road Signs Rp. 75,000
Crossing Signs Rp. 250,000
Crossroad Signs Rp. 200,000

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Road Signs


Every driver, pedestrian and all people who pass through the highway must often see various types of road signs installed on the road or roadside, for example signs that consist of various types of shapes / symbols that have various meanings. For example, what we often see everyday is that parking signs are prohibited, stop is prohibited on the road and various types of prohibited signs, orders and appeals. So the function of the sign in question is that all types of markers with any symbol have different meanings depending on the symbol.

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