Traffic signs

Traffic signs

Buy low-priced traffic signs from suppliers and distributors with various options such as warning signs, prohibitions, orders, instructions and various other types of road signs. In accordance with its function road signs are road equipment that displays certain images, numbers, letters and symbols that serve to provide certain warnings, commands, instructions and prohibitions that are installed in certain locations on the road body. Road signs are generally made of retro-reflective material that can be seen in the day and night by road riders. There are various types of traffic signs based on their function starting with warning signs that serve to give warning of danger, prohibition signs that function as prohibitions for example prohibited from passing on certain roads, command signs function as orders to the pendara to follow them for example commands to stop and others and signs instructions that serve as instructions for example prohibited parking in certain areas. Buy now also various road signs to procure goods for shops, companies and various other businesses.

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Price of the Cheapest Traffic Sign / Street Sign in Indonesia

Looking for a list of highway signs for resale at your road safety store? Or want to find a price list of various safety equipment specifically for the most complete road signs in Indonesia? You can immediately get all information on the types of goods and complete prices from suppliers / distributors in For information on the estimated price below is a price range that you can make a comparison before buying the product.

Road Sign Types Estimated Price
No Parking Signs Rp. 127,500
Signs are Prohibited from Entering Rp. 129,000
Turn is prohibited from left Rp. 150,000
Signs Are Prohibited Turn Right Rp. 127,000
Parking Lot Signs Rp. 200,000

Types of Traffic Signs Based on Function

There are many types of traffic signs that are distinguished by their functions which are often installed on every public highway or toll road. For more details, here are some types of road signs that are generally installed on the road:

  • Warning signs , this type of sign is generally a yellow background with each sign having a logo / symbol / image
        which serves as a warning, such as a descending or steep descent, uphill, narrowed roads and so on.
  • Prohibition Signs , these types of road signs generally contain prohibited symbols such as prohibited stop, no crossing, no parking and others.
  • Command Signs , this type of sign generally has a blue background color which also has various types of symbols that have various meanings such as the command turn left, right, must use speed
        the same or not exceed the speed listed in the sign and many others.
  • Signposts , is a sign that we often find on roads that have intersections, this sign function is used to indicate the direction of the road, city or public location such as terminals, tourist attractions, hospitals and others.

In addition to the types of traffic signs that have been explained as above, there are still many types of road signs that you can find at which have different functions and meanings.

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You can find various types of signs based on the functions and types of various symbols that you want to buy directly from suppliers and distributors in All road signs for the traffic products that you want to buy, you can directly get easily and cheaply because they are directly from the first seller such as a distributor. By getting cheap wholesale prices you are likely to get more profit you can get. If you want to propose procurement of goods for the company you can also get it directly here, because there are so many choices of prices, brands and specifications that you can customize yourself and can be ordered directly to the seller.

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Road Sign Rambu Lalu Lintas
Supplier : PT. Purnamajaya Bhakti Utama
Price : Call
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Rambu Lalu Lintas
Supplier : PT Yatama masaki jaya
Price : Rp 250
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Rambu Perintah Sticker 3M Engineering Grade Prismatic (Egp)
Supplier : CV. Prima Sarana Multindo
Price : Call
Bogor , Bogor
Peralatan Jalan
Supplier : PT Narindo Eka Perkasa
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bekasi
Rambu Lalu Lintas
Supplier : Trisula Sign
Price : Rp 80,000
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Rambu Lalu Lintas
Supplier : PT. Cipta Marga Abadi
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo