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Warehouse Rack

Warehouse Rack

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Types of Warehouse Racks and Their Systems

Generally, warehouse shelves have 3 different types. With these three different types, you can choose the warehouse rack that suits your warehousing needs. If you need warehouse racks, you can use sintech warehouse racks.

To make it easier for you to know the types of warehouse racks and their systems, here's the discussion:

Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking is a type of warehouse rack that is able to withstand a load of 16,000 – 20,000 Kg of goods per column. With the ability of this type of warehouse rack, making it a sturdy shelf that you can rely on to store your stock in the warehouse.

Warehouse shelving systems that can be applied using Heavy Duty Racking rack types, namely:

1. Selective Pallet Racking (SPR): most often used in warehouses can load a lot of capacity.

2. Double Deep SPR: the ability to store goods is almost 2 times of SPR and costs more.

3. Drive-In Racking: goods that are not stored by stacking can use a rack system like this. Usually, this type is used for the storage of goods whose incoming and outgoing schedules are not strict.

Medium Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking is a rack with a medium load capacity. The weight of goods that can be stored using this warehouse rack, which is between 300 – 1,200 Kg per column. In addition, this warehouse shelf can be adjusted again.

Warehouse shelving system that can be applied using the Medium Duty Racking rack type, namely:

1. Longspan Racking System: this rack system is suitable for this type of rack. LRS is made of a material that is quite strong and sturdy, but not as sturdy as MDR.

Light Duty Racking

This type of warehouse rack has a capacity that is not as large as Heavy Duty Racking and Medium Duty Racking. The weight that can be received or stored with this warehouse rack is approximately 400 Kg per column. Assembling this shelf is still relatively easy without the need to install bolts.

Shelf systems that can be applied using Light Duty Racking racks are:

1. Boltless Shelving System: this shelving system is suitable for LDR type shelving. This shelf can be used to store various types of goods. In general, this type of shelf is used in supermarkets or supermarkets.

That's the discussion about warehouse shelves. The use of warehouse shelves is only suitable for storage of goods in the warehouse. If you need a shelving system for other needs you can use supermarket shelves, item racks, gondola racks, pallet racks, and others.

New Product Warehouse Rack

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