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Types of Radar

There are several types of radars that you need to know that are often used to meet needs, including:

1. Doppler Radar
This type of radar is a type of radar that uses the Doppler Effect to measure the radial velocity of an object that enters the radar catchment area. This type of radar is very accurate in measuring radial velocity. An example is the weather radar that is used to detect weather.

2. Bistatic Radar
Is a type of radar system that has a signal transmitter component (transmitter) and signal receiver (receiver). Both are separated by a distance that can be compared with the distance of the target / object. The object is detected based on the signal reflection from the object to the center of the antenna, for example, passive radar.

Knowing How Radar Works

Radar works by sending radio waves into the air, then the wave is reflected back by the object captured by the wave, then the reflection is decoded by the receiver. How far? It depends. If the receiver is strong, this device has almost unlimited range. However, radio waves can be amplified using certain mechanisms. So this tool is ideal for those who need a tracking device, or a detector.

Are these devices traded freely? Of course there are those who sell radar. Although it is not common, in the sense that it is not a tool that is routinely found in the lives of human children, because it has great benefits for certain professions, such as fishermen, breeders, police, soldiers, scientists, researchers, lecturers, and so forth. Of course this device is sold freely, even the price is quite diverse.

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