Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Buy liquid and solid organic fertilizer at cheap prices, complete brands from the closest, cheapest and largest supplier, factory and distributor in Indonesia. Get various types of organic plant fertilizers for vegetables, fruit and various plantation crops, fields and rice fields. Organic plant fertilizer is a type of fertilizer composed of living matter, such as weathering the remains of plants, animals and humans. This natural fertilizer can be in the form of solid or liquid which serves to improve the soil content to be planted with various types of plants with fertility. Organic plant fertilizers contain more organic matter than their nutrient content. The ingredients for making organic plant fertilizer come from various natural compost materials from rotting plants and manure, but also from various natural wastes from households, factories and livestock. Immediately submit your purchase request directly from all sellers of fruit, vegetable and various crop plants in Indonesia with the lowest wholesale prices in Indonesia.

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Types of Organic Fertilizers

When viewed from its physical form, fertilizer is divided into two types namely solid and liquid. Each of these types of fertilizers has their respective advantages for various agricultural and plantation needs, here are some types of advantages:

  1. Liquid organic fertilizer is a type of liquid fertilizer that can be sprayed directly and sprayed on the ground and the stems and leaves of plants.
  2. Solid organic fertilizer is a fertilizer in the form of solid which is generally like soft sand and how to use it can be directly sown around the soil or plant area. And from some of the experiences of farmers can also be immersed in water or thawed in advance so that this fertilizer spreads more quickly to the ground.

Price of Solid and Liquid Organic Fertilizers

Get a variety of information on the price of natural plant fertilizers derived from leaves, animal manure and natural waste materials that help soil fertility and fruit and vegetable crops. The following are various types of estimated prices from various brands of organic plant fertilizer in Indonesia.

Fertilizer Brand Estimated Price
Fertilizer Bioscos Organic Cashing Cashing Per 1 Sack Cashing Rp. 120,000
Petroganic Granule Fertilizer Per 1kg Rp. 2,000
100 ml Organic Sugma Liquid Fertilizer Rp. 24,000
250 ml Super Green Liquid Fertilizer Rp. 197,000
Organic GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer Rp. 50,000

Suppliers, Importers and Distributors of Organic Fertilizers

Immediately submit a request for procurement of fertilizer in large quantities to get the best price, the cheapest wholesale for various brands of plant fertilizer that you can get by submitting a purchase request directly by sending the name of the fertilizer, specifications, brands and others so that all your goods requests can in accordance with offers from fertilizer suppliers in

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