Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Switches or also called Proximity Sensors are sensors that function to detect objects with no physical contact. This sensor only detects objects with a close distance, ranging from 1 mm to a few centimeters according to the type of sensor used. An example of an application is a sensor used in a metal detector, a sensor in a vehicle to detect objects at a certain distance so that the vehicle will not hit the object. In addition, in most production machinery machines use this type of sensor, because this sensor includes sensors that are resistant to shock and shock, easy when performing maintenance, repair and replacement. There are many types of Proximity Switches in Indotrading, to get various types of Proximity Switches that match what you want, you can buy directly with cheap wholesale prices from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading at the lowest price with the best quality in Indonesia.

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