Selling Projector or projector at the best price from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a projector with the latest prices that work for presentation equipment to display images, videos and other data from a laptop or computer. This device integrates light sources, optical systems, electronics and displays that aim to project images or video onto a screen / wall and make it look bigger. The projector is used to help someone in presenting and presenting explanations or presentations in the form of text, images, animations, or even videos, to the audience so that it is easier to understand. Another projector function as a presentation tool is entertainment media and information media.

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Choose the Best Projector Brand

If you are confused about what projector is the best for your needs now, you should look for some of the same specifications but with different brands. This method you can do first to determine which is the best projector for you. So that you do not choose the wrong one, you should compare between two products with different brands is the solution if you feel confused to determine which projector will be purchased.

Because every type or brand with almost the same specifications must have advantages and disadvantages in each of these products. So do not be influenced by cheap prices, but you also check what specifications you can get at these cheap prices. Now, to help you in your choice, there are several brands that we will recommend to you with different specifications and of course competitive prices for you to consider first.

1. Epson EB-2042 XGA 3LCD
- White and Color Brightness at 4,400lm - XGA Resolution - 12,000 hours lamp life in eco-mode - MHL-enabled - Multi-PC Projection - Horizontal Keystone Slider

Complete review: epson.

2. Sony VPL-PXZ11
- 3 LCD systems - 0.79 (20.1 mm) x 3 BrightEra LCD Panel, Aspect ratio: 4: 3
- 20,000 H - Speaker16 W (monaural)
- Maximum display resolution: 1920 x 1200 dots * 2

Complete review: Sony

3. Philips Screeneo S6
- LED lifetime up to 30,000h - Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
- Projection image size up to 180 '' (450cm)
- Projection distance 48-285 cm / 19-112 ''
- 4: 3 and 16: 9 aspect ratio
- 16 GB internal memory

Complete review:

How the Projector Works

The function of the projector is one type of electronic device used to display images, videos, text and sound in the form of information media, or presentation tools and for entertainment showing movies for example. When viewed from the type, there are several types of projectors that you can choose from: LCD projectors, CRT projectors, LCOS projectors and Digital projectors. Like its main function, the workings of the projector are displaying various light media refracted from RGB or Red Green, Blue light through the LCD panel and LEDs which are refracted using the light reflected to the projector screen / projector.

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