Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controller

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How PLC works (Programmable Logic Controller)

PLC is a control device that works with other equipment such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, Input / Output, Power Supply that can be programmed specifically to control the engine or process in machine. The way the PLC works is by controlling the program and analyzing the input / input signals then it will set the output / output state according to the operator's orders. If summarized the workings of the Programmable Logic Controller are receiving data from an external input device.

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Of course you have to know which PLC type or specification you are going to use or buy. Because from several manufacturers or manufacturers of programmable logic controllers from each brand issued special series in accordance with what is needed by consumers. There are so many types and types of brands that you can get in Indotrading, there are several brands of the best choices in that you can choose, among others, as below:


Omron PLCs are produced from tool manufacturers - electrical equipment from Japan that has been worldwide, so that for quality there is no doubt. Not only PLC, Omron also produces many other electrical devices such as Relays and others.

Panasonic PLC produced from Japanese manufacturers also that has advantages and durability that are also widely recognized by programmers around the world.
Siemens PLCs produced by the original manufacturer German which has many advantages and advantages from other brands and many are used by programmers and technicians in the world.
Mitsubishi PLCs on made from original manufacturers Japan is already known to be sophisticated, besides this manufacturer also produces other electrical accessories .
Schneider PLCs are made from manufacturers from France all the products are undoubtedly because not only PLCs, Schneider also produces and sells such types of Circuit Breakers and others.

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