Selling the best price potentiometers from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. What is a Potentiometer? Potentiometer is one type of resistor that has three terminals with a sliding connection that forms an adjustable voltage divider. If only two terminals are used (one fixed terminal and a sliding terminal), the potentiometer acts as a variable resistor or Rheostat. Potentiometers used as volume controllers are sometimes equipped with integrated switches, so the potentiometer opens the switch when the sweeper is at the lowest position.

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Potentiometer Main Components

1. Resistive elements
2. Body 3. Sweepers (wipers)
4. Axis 5. The first fixed connection
6. Sweepers connection 7. Ring 8. Bolts and nuts 9. Second fixed connection

Potentiometer type

1. Linear potentiometer
Linear potentiometers have a resistive element with a constant cross section, producing devices with resistance between sweepers and one terminal proportional to the distance between the two. Linear potentiometers are used if a proportional relation is desired between axis rotations with a division ratio of the potentiometer, for example a controller used to adjust the center point oscilloscope screen.

2. Logarithmic potentiometer
Logarithmic potentiometers have resistive elements that are increasingly narrowed or made from materials that have variable resistivity. This provides a device whose resistance is a logarithmic function to the angle of the potentiometer shaft. Most log potentiometers (especially cheap ones) are actually not really logarithmic, but use two linear resistive paths to mimic the law of logarithms. [2] A log potentiometer can also be made using a linear potentiometer and an external resistor. A truly logarithmic potentiometer is relatively very expensive. Logarithmic potentiometers are often used on audio devices, especially as volume controllers.

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