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Vacuum Pump

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Function of Vacuum Pump / Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump / vacuum pump is a type of pump that serves to suck and remove gas molecules in certain rooms and closed to make vacuum pressure. These pumps are often used in industries such as lighting manufacturing plants, electronics, oil and health or pharmaceutical industries. The way the vacuum pump works is to make a vacuum in the condenser when the turbine / generator operates where the used steam that has been used to rotate the turbine side turbine will pass through the last blade side, to accelerate the condensation into water again by means of condenser must be made vacuum, that is steam will come down and touch the outside tube condenser wall and the side condenser tube dalan is flowed by a cooling medium (used seawater) that is pumped by CWP. Sehinnga with the occurrence of heat transfer the moist steam is still temperature and touch the tube wall condenser will be condensed into water again and in this process is often called condensate water and will be accommodated in the hot wall. So in a closed room if using this pump will be a vacuum without any unused gas molecules. You can find all the Vacuum Pumps and their equipment through Indotrading, because here there are so many distributors and suppliers who sell cheap vacuum pumps and the best warranty.

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