Water Pump

Water Pump

Buy cheap water pump types of shallow pumps / pumps in the best brands directly from suppliers, importers and distributors who provide thousands of types of pumps with the most complete and cheapest options. Get immediate variety of models of shallow pumps and deep pumps of the highest quality that serve to draw water from wells to water reservoirs or to water taps. There are two types of well pumps including the first type of shallow well pump that functions to suck water up to the water surface of 6-15 meters, the second type is deep well pump which functions to suck water up to about 100 meters deep. Before buying a pump you should know the specifications first, then also adjust how long the pvc pipe is needed or see how deep water level in the well that you will install this water pumping machine.

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Best Water Pump Engine Recommendations

Confused to determine which is the best well pump for you to use at home, office or in your industrial company? If you are still confused looking for any pumping machines for wells in your home or office, you should read a few recommendations for the best-selling types and specifications of the best-selling pumps in Indonesia below:

1. Sanyo Pump , who doesn't know this pump brand, the most popular and legendary pump brand that now rebranding to the Aqua brand. Products from this brand have always been known as brands with products that are durable.

2. Shimizu Pump , is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of pumps with a choice of complete specifications and with affordable prices but has a wide selection of types and specifications that are diverse and we can easily find and get on the market first through suppliers and distributors.

3. DAB Pump , one of the legendary brands of undoubted quality for various household needs and industry that also provides a complete range of pumps with prices that are also very affordable and easy to get on the market.

4. National Pumps, pump brands are also as popular as the three brands as above. Because it is also widely known in the community for its low prices and competitive quality, this pump brand is also one of the best choices in Indonesia.

Cheap Water Pump Prices

In addition to the brand and specifications, of course there are still many considerations for you to buy various types of pumps on the market. If you have difficulty choosing various types and models, you should just determine based on the needs you want based on the type of well that you want to install the pump based on the criteria both shallow and deep. Here are some references to the price range of well pumps that you can consider to buy a pump.

Shallow Well Pump Estimated Price
Shimizu PS-116 Bit Rp. 445,000
Shimizu PS-126 Bit Rp. 514,000
Shimizu PS-135 E Rp. 540,000
Shimizu PS-128 Bit Rp. 481,000
Shimizu PS-103 Bit Rp. 1,013,000
Shimizu PS-230 Bit Rp. 1,190,000

Deep Well Pump Estimated Price
Shimizu PC375BIT Rp. 1,973,000
Shimizu PC 267 BIT Rp. 1,566,297
Hitachi DT-P300GX Rp. 4,263,500
Sanyo PDH 255 JP Rp. 5,789,000
Shimizu PC-165 150 Watt Rp. 1,920,000
Hitachi DT-PS300GX 300 Watt Rp. 5,424,000

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Search and find various types of the best water pumping machines for various household, industrial and irrigation needs. All types of pumps with the best choice brands you can get easily through the biggest B2B supplier in Indonesia.

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