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Buy the latest full size cheap grating models from distributors, suppliers, importers, factories / manufacturers from all over Indonesia. The function of grating is a series of iron screw with steel plates, which are joined by welding to form a flat plane. Grating iron plate is usually used for stairs, factory floors, and other industries. Grating plate is often chosen because it is able to withstand very heavy loads and is not easily damaged. To get the cheapest and best types of grating from various companies in Indonesia, we can directly search for and submit a request to buy directly through RFQ right now.

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Plain Steel Grating VS Serrated Steel Grating - Manakah yang Lebih Bagus?

Ketika Anda sedang menyusuri trotoar jalan, Anda kerap menemukan saluran got yang ditutup dengan kotakan besi berlubang, bukan? Nah, plat besi tersebut, dikenal dengan namasteel grating. Biasanya, steel grating terbuat dari baja yang dibentuk menyeru...

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Model / Size Estimated Price
Jagged Width 90cm x Length 6m x Thickness 4.5mm Rp. 4,785,000
Non Galvanized 45cm Width x 6m Length x 4.5mm Thick Rp. 3,631,000

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