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Plastic Wrapping

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Buy plastic wrapping at low prices from large companies such as suppliers and distributors of the most complete plastic wrap that provides a wide selection of prices, brands and sizes. Get all types of plastic wrap at low prices directly from a trusted seller in Indotrading. All plastic wrap prices offered by the seller can be adjusted according to what you want and can also be adjusted to the size or specifications that you will need. Send your purchase request directly through Indotrading to all who sell plastic wrap, cheap wholesale prices to all trusted sellers who have hundreds and thousands of items.

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Plastic Price Range Wrap in Indotrading

Product Name Price Minimum Order
Plastic Wrap Film Rp. 49,500 6 pcs
Plastic Wrap Around Rp. 35,000 100 pcs

From the above prices only as a reference for you to look for products based on product name, price and minimum purchase. For more detailed information about prices, specifications and even brands, you can immediately submit a request to buy plastic according to what you need. How to make a request for the procurement of large quantities of plastic goods at the cheapest wholesale prices you can use the facilities in Indotrading which is to make a purchase request to all sellers in Indotrading. All items with the specifications you want will certainly be matched with the stock of the seller, after the seller has provided the goods and is willing to respond to your purchase request, the seller will send details of the price and the amount that the plastic seller company can provide.

List of Plastic Wrap Size from Supplier and Distributor

Width Length Thickness
10 cm 200 meters 17 microns
15 cm 200 meters 17 microns
20 cm 200 meters 17 microns
30 cm 200 meters 17 microns
50 cm 100 meters 17 microns
50 cm 300 meters 17 microns

Of the various sizes of plastic that are sold by suppliers above, of course it can be a reference or your foundation to get the various types of sizes you want to buy, of course at a cheap price. All sizes above certainly have many other variations that you can get easily by directly contacting the seller or supplier directly by making a purchase request directly through the page for a request to buy plastic wrap with conditions such as the name of the item you want to buy, size, brand and specifications others and can also upload images of the products you want to buy. Besides being able to submit a purchase request through the page above, you can also immediately search for plastic wrapping sellers based on the company category on this city page, Surabaya, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Bogor. By immediately looking for a company that is close to you, you can immediately apply for goods that are easier and faster.

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