PVC Ceiling

PVC Ceiling

Selling Quality PVC Ceiling

Ceiling is part of the construction of buildings that can not be passed away and origin in the election. You have to really know the quality of the PVC ceiling so that it doesn't feel loss and is durable. A good ceiling is a plasticizer mixture because it has the advantage of not being easily broken.

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Understanding PVC Ceiling and Technical to Non-Technical Needs to Look For

Thermoplastic polymer-based ceiling is one type of ceiling that is in demand on the market because it is known for its affordable price and easy installation. In addition, this PVC ceiling also has a good resistance to water and fire. But in its use, there are some things you need to pay attention to.

  • Ceiling Installation       

Although the installation is arguably easy, but for installation it must be neat and in accordance with the size of the pvc ceiling. Why is that? Because the connection pattern of the ceiling is very visible, so if it is not neat it will disturb the view. In installing it, it requires high accuracy and is done in stages.

  • Color Selection of Adhesive Glue       

In addition to choosing the right ceiling color, you also have to be smart in choosing the color of the adhesive glue. It is recommended to choose a bright color or can use a neutral white color. Avoid using dark colored adhesive glue because it will look dirty.

  • Ceiling cleanliness       

One thing that is very important before installing is to clean the ceiling. The method is quite easy, just clean it with a clean cloth with the aim that dust and dirt disappear and avoid glue not perfect glue. But not to worry, usually the work will be done by a professional ceiling fixer.

List of PVC Ceiling Prices in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Shunda PVC Ceiling PL10.006

Rp 170,000

Kingfon PVC ceiling K-9206 by Shunda Ceiling


PL PVC ceiling 08.011

IDR 30,000

Shunda PLafon PVC PL 08,013

IDR 30,000

Shunda PLafon PVC PL 08.005


Kingfon PVC K-9205


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The selling price of polyvinyl chloride ceilings is very diverse, considering that there are so many sizes, thicknesses, colors and types. On the other hand, it can also be viewed from the function of the PVC ceiling itself. If you want to find the ceiling according to your heart's desire based on specific specifications or models, Indotrading.com can be the solution.

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