Acoustical Ceiling

Acoustical Ceiling

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Buy acoustic ceilings at cheap prices for Armstrong, Kangbang, Jayaboard and other complete sizes from the cheapest and biggest suppliers, distributors and importers in Indonesia. Find all the requirements for ceiling material made from acoustic or rockwool fiber for business needs or procurement of goods for your building supply store. All purchase requests that you submit will easily get the items that you are looking for. You only need to send the goods request directly through an online tender in through the RFQ page.

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Standard Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Size

The size of the type of module ceiling is generally the same from one brand to another. Generally this equation is based on the length and width of the ceiling module. But there is a slight difference between the material used and the thickness. For thickness, each ceiling module starts from 9 mm to 15 mm. The following is an example of the size and width of the acoustic ceiling of the Armstrong brand that is very popular, widely used by building architects for the manufacture of interior designs for offices, homes, buildings and hotels.

Ceiling Module Length Ceiling Module Width
120 cm 60 cm
60 cm 60 cm

Price Range of Various Brands of Acoustic Ceiling

1. Gyptile Gypsum Tile Acoustic Ceiling Rp. 28,000
2. Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Rp 80,000
3. Gypsum Acoustic Ceiling Rp. 300,000

To get the latest Armstrong ceiling price list from suppliers, distributors and direct sellers you can easily contact the company by submitting a purchase request easily and quickly by submitting a purchase request in the company that you have specified. Find a company that suits you what you want, see the information below to get suppliers and distributors closest to your city and get the cheapest price.

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To find the location of the supplier you want, for example, who is close to your company, you can immediately search for it by directly choosing the category of the ceiling seller company in Indotrading. Find all the companies that match what you want by visiting the company's pages according to the city you find. If you have got a supplier location that is close to your company, you can directly contact the company through contact or directly submit a purchase request from the distributor and supplier.

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