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HDPE pipes

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What is HDPE pipes

HDPE pipe is a pipe made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that has strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant properties.

Price HDPE PIPE 1600mm UNILON PN10 Rp 1,500,000
Price Westpex Poly HDPE Pipe 1/2'' PN 16 / HDPE pipe Rp 9,100
Price pipa HDPE Corrugated Perforated Spiral Rp 2,674,900
Price Westpex 1'' PN 10 HDPE Poly Pipe Rp 13,650
Price Westpex 3/4'' Poly HDPE Pipe PN 12.5 / Pipa HDPE Rp 10,400
Price HDPE Pipe Support 10 Inch Thickness 50mm Rp 250,000
Price Hdpe pipe PE 100 pralon Rp 35,500
Price Hdpe pipe Rucika PE 100 Rp 10,000
Price Hdpe pipe Vinilon PE 100 Rp 10,000
Price Westpex PN 12.5 HDPE Poly Pipe 3/4 inch Size Rp 10,400

Advantages of Using HDPE Pipe

Having a characteristic black color with four blue stripes along the body of the pipe, HDPE pipe is a type of hose that is always used by PDAM (Regional Drinking Water Company). The use of this type of pipe was chosen because this pipe has a fairly elastic flexibility, so it can be used even in areas with difficult road terrain.

There are four main advantages that make HDPE Pipes superior to other types of Pipes, including PE pipes. Here are the advantages:

1. Non-Toxic

Made of plastic material that has passed the food grade test, making this pipe escape the danger of toxins. In addition, this HDPE pipe is not easy to rust, so this pipe is very safe to use water pipes (consumption) in household needs, irrigation pipes (water flow for rice fields), and at the same time this pipe can cover the shortage of pipes made of iron (easy to rust).

By covering the surface of rusty pipes with HDPE pipes, you can protect the environment or water from the danger of contamination from rusty pipes. So by using this HDPE pipe you don't need to install a filter from outside or inside the pipe as a tool to filter dirt or germs.

2. Stronger

If the PVC pipe is made of plastic and lightweight, it makes it suitable for household plumbing activities. However, HDPE pipes are actually flexible because they can be used for all installation needs, and can be used even in various types of terrain.

This type of pipe is also made anti-seepage and leak-proof, because it is used for connection systems that use a special connecting machine, and the details are also calculated according to the thickness of the pipe.

3. High Elasticity

In various types of pipes, not all of them have elasticity in their type, but in contrast to this type of pipe which is already well known for the type of pipe that has high elasticity and has a strong material. By having polymer material in the raw material which is known for its elasticity, this type of pipe has a small chance of breaking due to freezing of water in it.

This pipe is also very adaptable when used in extreme weather. With this elasticity, this pipe can be bent twenty to twenty-five times its original diameter.

4. Save Maintenance Costs

HDPE pipe has many advantages in terms of quality, such as not easy to rust, so it does not need to be replaced in the short term. In addition, this type of pipe is also not easy to become a breeding ground for bad organisms and does not need periodic installation because it has a strong connection.

Therefore this type of HPdpe pipe is classified as being used for products that have a fairly low maintenance, very cost-effective maintenance and repair.

That's the advantage that you can get if you use HDPE pipes. To make it easier for you to get quality HDPE pipes, you can use Finnlon HDPE pipes, Wavin HDPE pipes, Supralon HDPE pipes, Denya HDPE pipes, and vinyl HDPE pipes.