HDPE pipes

HDPE pipes

Buy HDPE pipes at low prices, the best brands, complete sizes from the closest, cheapest and most complete suppliers, distributors in Indonesia. HDPE pipe is one type of plastic pipe that functions to drain clean water which is usually large in size which is also capable of flowing water at high pressure like in PDAM pipes. This type of pipe is made of HDPE plastic material so that this type of pipe is very strong, resistant to impact and corrosion resistant. This type of pipe is often used in all fields of both household and industrial piping because of the very good quality of pipes and strong durability. HDPE plastic pipes can be used for decades so that it becomes one of the many types of pipes used by people in Indonesia. Submit requests to purchase goods directly from all suppliers, distributors of pipes in Indotrading that offer a variety of the best brands at special prices for purchases in large quantities.

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Size and Price of the Best Cheap HDPE Pipe Brands in Indonesia

Looking for prices for pipes for irrigation of clean water? Search and get various offers of the best and lowest prices from all the reliable suppliers and distributors who generally provide a wide selection of sizes of HDPE material pipes which are usually used for clean water piping systems for the management and distribution of PDAM water for example. Confused by the size of this HDPE material pipe, you can immediately easily search and find a wide selection of types of pipes, brands and sizes that you are looking for and want to be purchased through distributors, suppliers in Indotrading.com. To see several sizes of HDPE pipe material you can also see a list of sizes as below:

OD dimensions (mm) Dimensions of ND (inch) Estimated price
20 1/2 7,700
25 3/4 9,900
31 1 16,170
40 1-1 / 4 24,970
50 1-1 / 2 38,720
63 2 61,215
75 2-1 / 2 85,470
90 3 123,860
110 4 183,645
125 5 238,315

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If you are confused about where to find and location of suppliers of special pipes for irrigation for clean water for water supply and distribution projects in Indonesia. You can immediately search and find dozens to hundreds of companies selling pipes with specifications for the use of water for irrigation through Indotrading.com. Because in Insotrading you will get lots of choices of pipes of various sizes, various brands and other complete specifications. In addition, by submitting a request for supply or purchase of pipes from suppliers here, you will easily compare prices and quality of each pipe company that sells according to what you are looking for.

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