Iron Pipes

Iron Pipes

Buy cheap full-sized steel pipes from suppliers, manufacturers and factory direct distributors from all companies from all over Indonesia. One type of pipe made of iron is often used for various fields, for example, used for construction and building, machining and is often used also for pipelines of various types of liquid and gas media such as making water lines, gas pipes and other media. For a variety of construction needs, machinery and pipelines for resale or for the needs of the procurement of pipes in your company, immediately submit a purchase request or tender for the procurement of pipes according to what you need through RFQ now.

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Cheap Full-Size Iron Pipe Prices


Find various sizes of pipes iron / steel according to your needs You go through, because here you will get a variety of product offerings and the best prices both wholesale and retail at the lowest price according to the offer from the seller. To get price information, you can easily find it directly through direct tender tenderers from all pipe suppliers from all over Indonesia. For pricing information, see also some estimated prices for iron pipes according to their respective sizes below:

Size Estimated Price
0.5 inch 2.60 mm x 6 meter pipe Rp. 155,000
1 inch pipe 3.20 mm x 6 meters Rp. 250,000
1.5 inch pipe 3.20 mm x 6 meters Rp. 350,000
3.60 mm x 6 meter 2 inch pipe Rp. 465,000
4.00 mm x 6 meter 3 inch pipe Rp. 765,000
4 inch pipe 4.50 mm x 6 meters Rp. 1,115,000
4.85 mm x 6 meters 6 inch pipe Rp. 1,780,000
5.00 mm x 6 meter 8 inch pipe Rp. 2,800,000

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Iron Pipes in Indonesia

Various sizes that may suit your needs as in the pipe price list and size above, choose whichever you want to buy according to your needs. Then immediately immediately submit a request for a quote that you can send directly via Indotrading RFQ. This method is done so that all companies in Indotrading that sell various types and sizes of pipes from all over Indonesia that sell according to the demand of the pipe according to your needs can be responded to by offering the price, quality and size that best suits your needs.

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