PPR Pipe

PPR Pipe

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Excellence of PPR Pipes

The use of PPR for construction needs provides many advantages, one of which is not easy to rust until there is no movement in the inner wall of the pipe. This condition is because the inside is very slippery. This type of pipe meets the installation standards for water heaters that are ready to drink.

The size of this pipe is diverse, there are also many types and can be installed in hotels, office buildings to hospitals. This diversity certainly makes the function of PPR pipes have different functions. For example, PN 10 is used for cold water flow, while PN 16 is for hot water and PN 20 is for hot water only.

This pipe installation process is very easy and does not require a long time. In fact it only takes about 10% of metal pipe installations. The connection results also need not be doubted because there is very little leakage.

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