Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Pipe

Buy complete size galvanized pipes of the best brands from the closest, cheapest and most expensive pipe suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Available sizes of galvanized pipes complete from the smallest 1 inch to 16 inch for all your needs. The use of this type of corrosion-resistant pipe can be used for various needs such as making water pipes, building construction and furniture making. Buy pipes from galvanized materials now and get the best deals at competitive prices from distributors or sellers in Indotrading. Get also information on the estimated price of the pipe with the most appropriate size with the best price you can get from all procurement requests and supply of goods only in now

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Galvanized Pipe Prices Cheap in Indonesia

Choose the size of the galvanized pipe and pipe connection that suits your needs for example for the needs of the store, meaning you you should buy a complete range of sizes, because of course every consumer will need and look for different pipe sizes. If the water piping contractor for example is also definitely looking for various types of pipe sizes because the size of this type of pipe is very many variations ranging from small sizes 0, 75 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch and some even need larger sizes 16 inch for example . To find out information about the estimated price of each size you can immediately see in the table of prices and sizes below.

Galvanized Pipe Size Length Diameter Thick Estimated Price
0.75 inch 6 meters 27 mm 2,3 mm Rp. 132,250
1 inch 6 meters 33.7 mm 3 mm Rp. 206,000
1.5 inch 6 meters 43.4 mm 3.2 mm Rp. 299,000
2 inch 6 meters 60.2 mm 3.2 mm Rp. 425,000
2.5 inch 6 meters 76 mm 3.2 mm Rp. 537,000
3 inch 6 meters 83.7 mm 3.2 mm Rp. 709,000
4 inch 6 meters 113.9 mm 4.3 mm Rp. 1,009,000
5 inch 6 meters 140,6 mm 4.4 mm Rp. 1,300,000
6 inch 6 meters 166.1 mm 4.4 mm Rp. 1,598,000

Galvanized Pipe Weight

After getting share price information from sellers in Indotrading or price information from each pipe size as above. Pipes of galvanized material are also distinguished by their weight, with various sizes ranging from length, diameter, thickness and size of the pipe weights as described in the table below:

Inch Size Size of Weight
0.75 inch 9.48 kg
1 inch 14.64 kg
1.5 inch 21.72 kg
2 inch 30,54 kg
2.5 inch 39.12 kg
3 inch 50.82 kg
4 inch 72.6 kg
5 inch 97.2 kg
6 inch 115.2 kg

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Confused looking for a galvanized pipe supplier or seller in Indonesia? Let's find all the most complete and best pipe sizes from distributors and suppliers in Various sizes that you can get at the best price you can directly find in Here you can find a large selection of sizes, brands with good quality pipes for all needs so to find a variety of pipes that you can use for water piping projects for example or various needs for business or resale. Get direct offers of all sizes of the most complete pipes here immediately only in B2B Marketplace the most complete galvanized pipes in Indonesia.

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