Acrylic Pipe

Acrylic Pipe

Buy cheap acrylic pipes, complete sizes from the best brands from distributors, suppliers, importers, factories and the closest stores in Indonesia This pipe is made from acrylic Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a chemical element in making acrylic pipes which certainly has thermmoplastic properties (melting when heated). Most people choose this acrylic material as an alternative in choosing transparent materials that are lighter, scratch resistant and break resistant unlike ordinary silica glass. In addition, acrylic material can be a substitution choice of polycarbonate-based materials, because we only take advantage in terms of color and function, because polycarbonate is devoted to outdoor functions that are resistant to impact and relatively expensive prices. In addition, this pipe does not contain the dangerous bisphenol-A, and is preferred because of its ease of processing and simple handling.

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Cheap Acrylic Pipe Prices in Indonesia

In you can get the best acrylic pipe prices directly from distributors in Indotrading. Acrylic pipe prices offered are usually tailored to the brand, quality, type, after-sales service to the warranty provided by the seller. Find a variety of price estimates that you can get directly from all suppliers in Indotrading or you can also see price estimates as below:

Acrylic Size Estimated Price
44 x 50mm Length 30cm Rp. 175,000
40 x 36mm Length 60cm Rp. 310,000
18 x 12mm Length 50cm Rp. 185,000
8 x 12mm Length 50cm Rp. 45,000
4 x 8mm Length 50cm Rp. 25,000

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