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Wooden door

Wooden door

Find the best Wooden door for your business. Compare quotation from our listed suppliers. Shop Wooden door in Indotrading with convenience. Click to ask Quotation, Receive Quotation and Create Purchase Order.

Type of Wooden Door

The wooden door has two different types, namely solid wood doors and engineering wooden doors. Generally wooden doors have different types and materials with glass doors, fire resistant doors, panel doors, PVC doors, upvc doors and garage doors. To make it easier for you to know how the room door model is suitable, along with the discussion:

1. Solid Wood Door

Solid wooden doors are doors made of wooden boards that are directly processed into a door,

2. Solid Wood Door Engineering

The engineering wooden door is a wooden door that must go through a long process so that it becomes a whole door. This type of wooden door can be a good choice, because it has an interesting look and has better resistance than solid wooden doors.

New Product Wooden door

Pintu Kayu Utuh/ Solid Ukuran 900X36x2150 Mm
Supplier : PT Surya Furniturindo Gemilang
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 3,000,000
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
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Pintu Kayu Jati Standar
Supplier : CV. Restu Jaya
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 1,800,000
Banten , Kota Serang
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Pintu Kayu Solid Wood Panel Berkualitas
Supplier : CV. Karya Jaya Utama
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 975,000
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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Pintu Kayu Berkualitas
Supplier : CV Rinjani Alfian
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 1,000,000
Kalimantan Timur , Paser
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Paket Pintu Kayu Engineering Honeycomb + Acc + Nat Stainles
Supplier : PT Karya Kerinci Seblat
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 1,950,000
Jawa Barat , Bogor
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Pintu Kayu Engineering Kaka Door Semi Solid Cat Tahan Cuaca
Supplier : PT. Kayu Multiguna Indonesia
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 1,400,000
Jawa Timur , Gresik
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