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Buy cheap sliding door materials of aluminum, wood, pvc, upvc and other types of cheap materials at the best brands from suppliers, distributors, importers, factories and door shops from all over Indonesia. Sliding door or sliding door is an alternative type of door that can be applied in a house or a building. How to use it simply by sliding towards the left or right. Not only serves as a door, sliding doors can also be used as a window, wall, or partition. Its presence can affect the appearance of the room to be elegant and luxurious if it is supported by the appropriate coloring, material and lighting aspects. Get a variety of sliding door models with a variety of colors and motifs and sizes with a variety of diverse materials for example from wood, aluminum, upvc and various other types of materials submit requests to buy now from suppliers in

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Sliding Door Types Based on Material

If you are looking for and want to buy various types of sliding doors , you should be able to directly get them through a trusted company like the one in Because here you can get various types of sliding doors / sliding based on the material as some examples below:

  1. Sliding wooden door is one type of door made with solid wood which is designed with sliding system or sliding
  3. Sliding aluminum doors are doors made of aluminum as a whole that are made sliding.
  5. Sliding upvc door is a type of door made using upvc material that can be shifted left or right according to installation.
  7. Sliding iron door is a door made with material steel plate which is designed also uses a sliding system, which is equipped with rails.
  9. Sliding glass door is a door that is a way to close and open it using a sliding system or sliding and made of glass material tempered which is not easily broken.

The Latest Model of Cheap Sliding Door Prices

What is the estimated or estimated price of various types of sliding doors with a variety of materials that you can buy from suppliers and distributors of sliding doors in To get a variety of information on prices and offers of goods of the highest quality and the brand of choice you want, you can directly submit a purchase request or offer directly from all suppliers and distributors in

Sliding Door Type Estimated Price
UPVC Sliding Door Rp. 120,000
Sliding Aluminum Doors and Frames Rp. 1,600,000
UPVC Sliding Door Leaves Combination Rp. 345,000
A Set of Black Aluminum Sliding Doors Rp. 5,200,000
Sliding Glass Door Rp. 450,000

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