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Insulation Pin

Insulation Pin

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Insulator Pin Function

The basic properties of insulator pins include electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, there is resistance to the environment and aging. The electrical properties of the PIN insulator itself can damage the discharge along the surface of the insulator which is referred to as flashover.

While flashover has the main electrical characteristics of the insulator PIN. For different levels of voltage, pin-type insulators have different withstand voltage requirements. This indicator is the influence of dry strength and wet frequency, withstand voltage, impulse lightning withstand, shock wave pressure, working pressure and so on.

To avoid operational failure, the insulator pin voltage rating is higher than the flashover voltage. In factory tests, porcelain insulators can be broken, which is usually caused by a test spark, which causes the high pressure surface of the insulation to produce frequent sparks so that it can be held for a certain period of time to see if it is punctured