Phase Failure Relay

Phase Failure Relay

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Phase Failure Relay or FPR is an electrical component that serves to provide security for electromagnetic induction motors from over or under voltage and provide supervision in conditions of 3 phase electrical voltage. So, the role of Phase Failure Relay is more like a counterweight of an electric motor so as not to experience excess or lack of voltage current. Therefore, make sure you use the device to avoid your electro device induction motor from over or under voltage.

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Function of Phase Failure Relay

Maybe some people still do not understand or even know the function of an induction motorbike electronic component from this electronic device. Because this PHR may be more familiar among electronic technicians.

Therefore, here are some functions of Phase Failure Relay that you need to know. Among them are as follows:

1.   Control Voltage Voltage Current             

The first function of PHR is to control voltage voltage. Yes, when your electro device induction motor has a deficiency or even excess voltage current, then this tool will work to stabilize the voltage voltage current so that your electro device induction motor does not experience a short circuit.

2.   Changing Connection Flows That Have Errors             

The second function of PHR is to change the connection current that is experiencing an error. Yes, this tool will correct and change the connection that has an error that was originally a voltage current R, T, S then this tool is also able to change and correct it to voltage currents R, S, T.

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