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Lubrication Tool

Lubrication Tool

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Lubrication Tool Components

The following are some of the components used for lubrication tools:

1. Oil Tank

The oil tank is one of the lubrication components that serves to accommodate the oil. This component stores oil reserves which will later be used to lubricate the engine.

2. Oil pump

This component serves to suck and distribute oil in the engine. The performance of the oil pump components depends on the engine speed of the camshaft, crankshaft or timing belt. The oil pump works by distributing pressurized oil to all engine lines.

3. Oil filter

Another component used in the lubrication system is the oil filter. This component serves as an oil filter from dirt so that the oil does not get dirty quickly. If the oil processed in this system is contaminated with dirt, the lubrication will not function optimally.


This component serves to improve the work of the oil filter. Strainers or filters can filter dirt up to one millimeter in diameter. The oil pump component is located between the oil pump hole and the oil pump, which serves as the lubricant suction hole to the oil pump.

5. Pressure Valve

The pressure valve is a lubrication component whose job is to regulate the lubricant pressure. This setting is done mainly when the engine is working with high rotation.

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