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PH Meters

PH Meters

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Types of PH Meters

There are two types of pH meters that are commonly used, namely soil pH meters and water pH meters. If you want to use a pH meter, make sure to use a suitable and quality pH meter such as the YSI pH meter, Eutech ph meter, Eutech instrument ph meter, Horiba ph meter, and Hanna instruments ph meter. To make it easier for you to know the types of pH meters, here is the discussion:

1. Soil PH Meter

Soil pH meter is a tool to measure the pH of the soil, within a certain depth level. The soil pH meter is used to measure the level of moisture in the soil, and how much or the amount of sunlight the soil gets.

In addition, by using a soil pH meter you can also find out what the level of soil fertility is by using this tool.

2. PH Meter OF Water

A water pH meter is a tool used to measure the pH level contained in a liquid or solution. There are two types of water pH meters, namely pocket pH meters and laboratory pH meters.

Both types of pH meters have more or less the same function, but the difference lies in the practicality of using the two tools. For pocket pH meters are usually more flexible and also portable.

Its small size makes it easy to carry it anywhere. The level of accuracy on pocket pH meters is unfortunately quite limited. It is different with laboratory pH meters which are much larger in size.

However, the accuracy of this laboratory pH meter is higher than that of a pocket pH meter. This tool can not only be used to measure pH but can also be used to measure conductivity and temperature.

In using this laboratory pH meter, the calibration process must be carried out first. The goal is to make the results more accurate and convincing.