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Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

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How to Maintain a Shredder

In order for the paper shredder to always work optimally, long-term maintenance is needed. For that, here are tips on caring for a paper shredder:

1. Routine Cleaning

No different from other types of tools in its maintenance, shredder paper also requires regular and continuous cleaning. To clean it you only need to use a tissue or dry cloth. Do not use water or a wet cloth because it will affect the sharpness of the paper machine cutting knife.

2. Give Lubricants Regularly

You also need to regularly lubricate the ideal paper shredder, especially on the blades of the machine. The goal is that the knife does not rust and dull quickly.

3. Check the State of the Blade

In addition to lubricating the machine and the blade of the shredder secure, you also need to check the condition of the blade. Ideally, this blade check is done once a week. The goal is to update the state of the blade, and it can be repaired immediately if there is damage.

4. Don't Cut Too Much Paper

Although it is capable of cutting large amounts of paper, it's a good idea to divide it in turns or not to cut a lot of paper at once. Doing so can cause the blade to break. The ideal amount of paper that can be cut at one time in a GBC shredder is 3-7 sheets.

In addition to carrying out maintenance in the use of the ZSA paper shredder. Choose a quality paper shredder. You can find a wide selection of quality paper shredders from trusted suppliers in Indotrading.