Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

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Paper Shredder or Machine Type

There are several types of paper shredder including strip-cut and cross-cut. For the strip-cut model, it is known as straight-cut or spaghetti-cut and cut the paper into strips of length 14 to 12 inches. A croos cut or confetti type shredder is also known as a machine that produces very small pieces. This machine will cut paper horizontally and vertically into 500-800 small geometric shapes such as diamonds, rectangles and also parallelograms. Although this machine is more expensive and requires more maintenance, it provides safe destruction. Other shredders are particel-cut, disintegrators and granulators, hammermills, pierce and tear machines, and grinders. The particle-cut machine cuts paper into small squares or circles. Disinterogrators will randomly cut the paper into flour. Hammermills hit paper and produce paper beads. Pierce and tear types destroy paper with a knife and tear the paper

Paper Shredder function in the Office

In accordance with the name or designation of this tool or machine, that is a paper shredder / machine is a machine that must be owned by every office to destroy documents / paper of various sizes, for example hvs paper , folio paper and others. This machine will help you to reduce the pile of files that are not used anymore in your file storage cabinet. In addition, the existence of this machine can also reduce the risk of using important files for crime by irresponsible people. Paper shredder has the function as the main means to destroy important documents that have been printed on paper, especially if the printed documents are confidential documents. To be able to get a paper shredder distributor you don't need to be confused, please go to the site and find various brands of paper shredder as needed

Best Paper Shredder Recommendations

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1. Krisbow S333 (Rp. 3,278,000)
- 17 Liters Capacity - For A4 paper sizes

2. Krisbow S302 (Rp. 649,000)
- 9 Liter Capacity - For A4 paper sizes

3. Gemet 1000S (Rp. 698,000)
- 9 Liter Capacity - For A4 paper sizes

4. Honeywell 9412 (Rp. 1,200,000)
- 25 Liter capacity - For A4 paper sizes

5. Promaxi S360 (Rp. 503,000)
- 13 Liter capacity - For A4 paper sizes

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