Penetration Test

Penetration Test

Penetration test is one type of soil test equipment used to determine the carrying capacity of land other than CPT. This tool is used in conjunction with drilling to find out both soil dynamics and collisions. Of the many penetration tester tools sold, there are a variety of different brands and types, to ensure the best products you can directly get through sellers in Indotrading. Buy the latest low price penetration test models, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading now.

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What is Penetration Test?

Penetration test is a Standard Penetration Test (SPT). SPT itself is a soil test conducted to determine the carrying capacity of soils for various purposes such as foundation design, mining, slope stability, road construction, and so on.

Standard Penetration Test Procedures:

SPT is carried out using procedures and equipment according to ASTM D1586-84, "Standard Method for Penetration Tests and Split Barrel Sampling of Soils". The amount of soil resistance in this test is expressed by the N-value. The number of SPT hammer blows at the upper end of the drill handlebar that causes a decrease in the split spoon at the lower end of the handlebar drill into the ground as deep as 3x15cm is recorded. The number of strokes of the last 2x15cm is called the N value. The test results are recorded in the boring log.

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