Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod

As the name implies, the lightning rod is a tool that is intentionally designed to avoid the risk of danger caused by lightning. The reason is, this object is able to protect the building and other things around it from lightning strikes so it does not explode or catch fire. So do not be surprised if this tool is highly recommended to be installed in various places such as at home, office buildings, shopping centers and other large buildings. Well, if you are in need of this tool, immediately visit the site and get various types of lightning rods ranging from conventional to electrostatic types that are sold by suppliers in at lower prices but with good quality.

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Types of Lightning Rods

Apparently, this anti-lightning device consists of two types, each of which has specifications and uses that are different from each other, you know! For more information, here is an explanation of the types of lightning rods that you need to know!

1. Conventional Lightning Rods

This type of conventional anti-lightning device was first designed by its inventor, namely Benjamin Franklin. Until now, this tool has become one of the types most often used by the public at large, especially for the home. The design is so simple design makes this object so easy to find, especially if you buy it online at by offering a cheaper price.

2. Electrostatic Lightning Rods

Unlike the previous type, electrostatic anti-lightning devices offer a wider protection range. The higher the device is placed, the wider the range of protection provided. So, it is not surprising that this tool is often found in locations with large areas such as tall buildings, plantations, golf courses, industrial factories or mining areas.

It can be concluded if the use of these two types of anti-lightning devices is so important in our lives. He is very instrumental in providing more protection to the building in order to avoid all dangerous conditions caused by lightning such as fire or damage electronic equipment inside. Therefore, immediately use the appropriate lightning rod that you need in

Lighting Rods' Instalation

If you have already purchased a lightning rod product, here are the installation steps that you can follow because the steps are quite simple and do not require a long time:

  1. The first thing you need to do is plant the ground to the depth of the groundwater or reach a wet area. The goal is so that the lightning electricity is directly channeled to the ground.
  2. Install the lightning rod at the highest part of the building more. If the roof is tilted, make sure that the antidote is installed at a distance of less than 0.6 meters from the ridge end. Meanwhile, on a wide flat roof or slope, lightning rod height is not more than 15 meters. If the height is more than the standard size of 6 meters, then provide a buffer to hold the tool to remain stable from exposure to the wind.
  3. Ensure that the entire network of devices starting from the head of the arrester, wiring, to the grounding is tightly and perfectly attached so that it can function properly.

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