Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker / Coffee Maker is a tool and this machine uses the process of making coffee drinks from ground coffee beans, then put into the machine so that it becomes a coffee drink that is ready to drink. Coffee makers can make various types of coffee drinks such as Capuchino, Espresso, or various other types of coffee. For those of you coffee lovers and want to make coffee with their own concoctions, you can use a coffee maker without losing its original flavor. So what are you waiting for, confused with how to use a coffee maker or want to immediately try to make your own coffee according to your taste, let's immediately buy a coffee maker from all distributors in

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Prices of Cheap Coffee Makers / Coffee Makers in Indonesia

Do you have a coffee shop business, confused about finding the best coffee machine at a low price? Search and find all and buy at low prices directly from all suppliers, importers and distributors of coffee making machines in Indotrading. Get a variety of offers the best and lowest prices from tens to hundreds of products with well-known brands in Indonesia that are already trusted and used to make coffee that is a mainstay in coffee shops and factories.

Type Estimated Price
Espresso and Cappucino Machines Rp. 38,000,000
Electric Moka Pot Machine Rp. 480,000
Automatic Coffee Makers Rp. 10,400,000
Coffee Siphon Equipment Rp. 500,000

Type of Coffee Maker Equipment Based on the Model

There are many types, shapes and ways of working of various coffee makers produced by the factory. In addition there are also several coffee makers that are distinguished by model and have their respective advantages, including the following:

  • Coffee pod, is one type of coffee making equipment that is quite simple, that is enough to insert the coffee pod into the tool.
  • Drip method, is a type of coffee maker that is used by inserting coffee into paper by pouring hot water on it.
  • Espresso coffee machine, a type of machine that is more sophisticated than the type of coffee maker as the old way above is the way it works is to simply insert the roasted coffee beans then just press a certain button then the coffee drink is ready to be served in the cup.

Apart from some of the types of coffee making equipment above there are still several other types of equipment that are increasingly sophisticated and developed or trials that aim to maximize the results of coffee drinks to be more enjoyable.

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