Park Umbrella

Park Umbrella

Function & Types of Garden Umbrella

Garden umbrellas become one of the most sought after equipments of hospitality entrepreneurs, villas, cafes / restaurants and owners of private homes. In addition to being used as a sun shield, garden umbrellas are usually used as a decorative pool, garden and balcony restaurant for visitors feel at home to linger enjoy the facilities provided.

There are various types and forms of garden umbrellas provided by sellers in Indotrading, such as standing, hanging, solid and folding. Garden umbrella frames usually use stainless, iron or wood, tailored to its use. If used as a complement to swimming pools generally use stainless materials so as not to be easily rusty, for balconies using wooden frames to enhance the beauty of the room.

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Supplier : CV. Surya Putra
Price : Rp 900.000
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
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