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Paving Block

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Buy paving blocks or conblock at cheap prices, brick, hexagon, worm, trihex, cube, bishop from the factory / manufacturer and supplier, the closest, cheapest paving block distributor in Indonesia. Paving block or conblock is a type of building material made using concrete that is printed or press with various shapes and is used to make roads or hardening roads both roads and garden areas of houses and buildings by means of arranged according to their shape and model. Conblock is made of concrete which is a mixture of sand, cement and some very small pebbles by putting it in a paving mold. After that, then press using a press machine or by manual means by compacting it using a hammer. Get the best deals from all paving sellers with various models and sizes and the best quality choices that you can buy directly by submitting requests to all sellers in Indotrading to get the lowest price deals with the best quality according to your wishes.

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Size and Type of Paving Block

Want to know what are the types and models of paving and their size? Look at the list of tables below which is an explanation of various models and sizes of conblock / paving blocks used for hardening roads using pre-cast concrete which is commonly used for making roads for various needs.

Paving Model Length Width Thick
Hexagonal / hexagonal paving 20 cm 20 cm 6 cm - 8 cm
Truepave / brick model 21 cm 10.5 cm 6 cm - 10 cm
Unipave / worm 22.5 cm 11.2 cm 6 cm - 8 cm
Trihex / three diamonds 22.5 cm 11, 2 cm 6 cm - 8 cm
Grass blog hole 8 cm 8 cm 40 cm - 45 cm
bishop's hat 21 cm 6 cm 6 cm - 8 cm
Tiles / cubes 10.5 cm 21 cm 6 cm - 8 cm

Cheap Paving Block / Conblock Prices

If you want to find various models of paving, you can immediately get it through all suppliers, cheapest and best distributors in Indonesia. All product offerings with prices and specifications from sellers in Indotarding generally have cheaper prices compared to retail prices, because every seller in Indotrading generally sells at wholesale prices. The following below is a reference price of conblock or paving.

Type / Model Estimated Price
Paving brick / truepave per m2 Rp. 110,000
hexagonal per m2 paving Rp. 125,000
Paving worms per m2 Rp. 125,000
Paving trihex per m2 Rp. 125,000
Paving cubes per m2 Rp. 135,000

Supplier and Distributor of Paving Blocks

Find various types of paving with different models and sizes that match what you want, if for project needs you can look for suppliers who sell at the lowest prices but competitive quality. You can compare all the prices offered with all the offers that come in and you can also compare how close the company is that can be the paving supplier you need. Also select all suppliers or distributors who can offer or provide complete goods with various paving models on the market. Supplier of paving blocks Indotrading from the city Jakarta, Medan, Bekasi, Bandung, and Surabaya you can check directly on the website.

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