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Passenger Lifts

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Buy passenger lifts / passenger lifts at cheap prices for Sigma, Xiweindo and other brands from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading from all over Indonesia who provide various models of lifts with different capacity of passengers or people. In addition there are also various types of lifts that are based on heavy capacity that can be transported based on the number of people who can enter and lift up and down at the same time. Buy now the best quality passenger lifts from both domestic and overseas with undoubted quality from each brand. Immediately submit a request for an elevator offer for hotels, malls, houses and office buildings directly from the first supplier in Indotrading from all over Indonesia.

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Weight Capacity and Number of People on the Passenger Lift

There are some capacities or specifications that are generally offered by manufacturers of passenger lifts which include the weight capacity that can be transported or how many people can be transported and entered into the elevator and based on speed . The following is a list of estimated elevator capacities in general, but for the current type of lift it may vary because there are already many different types and models made by lift manufacturers in the country and abroad.

Load Weight (kg) Number of People
450 kg 6 people
630 kg 8 people
800 kg 10 people
1250 kg 12 people
1350 kg 18 people
1600 kg 21 people

Latest Passenger Lift Price Range from Supplier / Distributor in Indonesia

Here are some estimates of the price of lifts for passengers that are suitable for hotel lifts, malls or office buildings. The list of the latest elevator prices is the approximate price of each unit, but not including shipping / installation costs and others. But for complete information, you can also directly submit a request to buy lift from suppliers in Indotrading. You will get a complete price list according to what you need or offered by sellers from all over Indonesia in Indotrading.

Capacity of People / Kg Price
6 people / 450 kg Rp. 350,000,000 & nbsp;
8 people / 630 kg IDR 390,000,000

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