Passport Case

Passport Case

Passport (passport) is an official document issued by the competent government authorities about the identity of a citizen who will travel across the country. This passport is used when a citizen is about to enter another country borders. Then the authorities of the destination country will stamp or attachment sheets glued visa in the passport holder page as proof of permission to enter a general negara.Pada passport contains the complete identity of the passport holder that includes: photo, full name, gender, place and date of birth, and signature of the passport holder. Other information contained in the passport which is the country code, the number (unique) passport, date of issue and expiry of passport, issuing institution, and the name of the issuing authorities complete with signatures and stempelnya. provide various models of passport case of some distributors and reliable suppliers at an affordable price and berkualitas.Jika you need your passport case directly makes a request to Please contact the distributor and the supplier directly through the contact numbers available to get Scanner products with low price and specifications more fully. Only one the most complete reference in Export, Import and Business Directory in Indonesia.

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