Laundry Perfume

Laundry Perfume

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Buy cheap laundry deodorizers at wholesale prices per liter, bottles / jerry cans from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of deodorizers for laundry clothes in Indonesia. As the name implies, this deodorizer is specifically for use in the laundry business for clothing deodorizers suitable for the laundry or kiloan laundry business. Because various types of fragrances with complete and low grade, medium and high grade fragrances that have long-lasting fragrances you can find and find directly from various manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia are here Immediately submit a request for the procurement of clothes deodorizers for your laundry business or resale through the procurement of goods in from all companies in Indonesia now.

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Cheap Laundry Fragrance Prices in Indonesia

Want to find durable, economical, durable clothes deodorizers for your laundry business? Come on, immediately search and find a wide selection of the best quality fragrances from manufacturers / suppliers of perfume with a complete grade for business needs laundry units or units. All you can get at the cheapest wholesale fragrance prices for all your needs. Also see various estimates of the price of laundry business deodorizers that are in great demand in Indonesia, as below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Type of Fragrance Scent Estimated Price
Aqua Fresh 1.5 Liter Rp. 35,000
Casablanca Lily 1.5 Liter Rp. 32,000
Cherry Flower 1.5 Liter Rp. 33,500
5 Liter Lavender Rp. 145,000
Lemon 1.5 Liter Rp. 34,000
Sweet Paradise 5 Liters Rp. 129,000

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Laundry Fragrances in Indonesia

Besides you can get information on various types of fragrances for clothes here, in you can easily search for various company and supplier company information that you find and can be a list of companies that are suppliers of all types of goods or products that you need for your laundry business. Get a variety of company information and at the same time get the items you need quickly and easily in

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