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Solar panels / solar cells are electronic devices designed to convert solar light energy into electrical energy that can be used for various purposes. Solar panels consist of a number of solar cells made of semiconductor materials such as silicon, and are capable of generating an electric current that can be stored in a battery or used directly to operate electrical equipment. When sunlight hits the solar cell on the solar panel, the electrons in the semiconductor material are released and move through the conductor wire connected to the solar cell. This process produces an electric current that can be used to drive electrical equipment such as lights, fans, or other electronic equipment.

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Price Lampu Jalan Solar Cell 50 Watt Rp 12,875,000
Price Lampu Jalan PJU TENAGA SURYA ALL IN ONE 90/120/150/180W Rp 2,350,000
Price Lampu Jalan Solar Panel / Solar Cell Interluc SP 300 2B Rp 3,900,000
Price Lampu Jalan Bertenaga Surya Paket Es Rp 7,000,000