Buy the best iron hammer, rubber, sledgehammer at the cheapest and most complete distributor, supplier and manufacturer in Indonesia. One type of tool that is also often called hammer is a tool for hitting nails and various other objects. Besides being used to hit nails, hammerheads are also often used multifunctionally such as forging various types of metal, stone and other objects. Various shapes and hammerhead materials are made of iron, steel, rubber and wood. The shape consists of handles made of strong materials such as wood, iron and fiberglass that are not easily broken. And the ends are also various shapes, there are shaped like goat horns, flat, beam and round. To find various types of hammers, you can easily easily search for it in Indotrading because here you will find many distributors, suppliers and manufacturers as well as selling the tools you want.

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Various Types of Hammers Based on Material

If you differentiate based on the ingredients, there are tons of hammer that you can buy at Indotrading. All types of items that you have to adapt to the benefits and functions so that when you buy goods will be maximized in their use. The following types of hammer based on material and complete form:

1. Iron / steel hammer, made of cast steel or iron with various size and shape specifications such as goat, round, taper and flat shapes used to hit objects such as nails and others.

2. Rubber hammer, made of rubber with a handle made from a choice of strong wood and not easily broken used to hit objects so as not to blister.

3. Wooden hammer, made of wood that is chosen strong and not easily broken is used to hit objects that are not too hard, its use is for example used to make metal crafts and repair car bodies in workshops or also often used by masons to hit brick molds or paving blocks .

4. Plastic hammer, made of plastic and a strong mixture specifically used for repair and use in industry and factories.

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If you already know various types of hammer or hammer as in the explanation above, you can immediately search for price information, specifications and brands that you want to buy. All searches can immediately submit a purchase request to all sellers in Indotrading. By submitting a purchase request you can easily get an offer of goods that suits your needs.

Hammerheads Estimated Price
Wipro Brand Rubber Material Rp. 43,900
Wipro Brand Iron Material Rp. 79,900
Wipro Brand Plastic Materials Rp. 87,900
Wood / Ganden Material Rp. 40,000

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