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Barrier Gate

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Usually when you want to go to supermarkets, malls, airports, restaurants and other places around your house, you will definitely see a parking bar every time your vehicle wants to enter. Barrier gate or parking bar is a device that is connected to the system and is usually operated using DC or AC direct electricity. The function of the barrier gate itself is as a sign that a vehicle is allowed to enter or exit the parking lot.

The price of the parking bar is determined by the speed of the parking bar when it is open. Because the opening speed will affect the overall parking service cycle. provide various types of parking barrier gates with various choices from suppliers and products offered.

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How it Works and the System Available in the Parking Crossing

Barrier gate will be connected to a computer system that is installed on restricted entry access. Usually this tool is controlled by using the button found on the ticket printing machine and will be accessed by CCTV. So that later a parking card or ticket will appear containing the barcode and must be stored.

Later the barcode will function as checking the vehicle plate number and also the photos recorded on the CCTV.

In addition, some use a sensor system that can only be entered by certain vehicles that have a special tag. There are also those who use motion sensors, where later the bar can only open when a vehicle approaching is detected.

On the bar there is a metal detector that can detect the presence of metal in your vehicle. So this will facilitate the workings of the open or closed bars automatically.

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